6 Sided Metallic Fidget Spinner


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6-sided Metallic Fidget Spinner Anxiety and Stress Reliever Toy 

  • Glow in the dark rings with customizable sides. Fun for all ages
  • Metallic Fidget Gadget Hand Spinner for Autism and ADHD and Stress Relief
  • Robust Structure: Crafted from environmentally friendly, strong and durable material
  • No Big Noise: Easy To Carry, Small, Simple, Discrete and Fun, also effective for Focus and Deep Thought
  • Times Last: High Performance Bearing for Extremely Fast and Long Spin Times
  • Great For Fidgety Hands and Helps Relieve Stress
  • Great for ADD & ADHD Sufferers, Anxiety and Stress
  • Relieve Stress, Anxiety, ADHD, Autism. Helps you stay focused!
  • Designed for finger comfort and optimal spinning.


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