FidgetSpinnerStar is your home for fidget spinners, the new gadget and children’s toy to help improve their focus and concentration while reducing stress and anxiety. Currently, we are only selling fidget spinners. However, we will also start selling other EDC fidget goods as well to ease with stress in the near future.

  • At FidgetSpinnerStar, we believe that ADHD should be reduced with tools such as fidget spinners to alleviate stress and anxiety rather than taking prescribed drugs that mess with chemical imbalances in your head to reduce the same symptoms. Instead of just telling you what these spinners do, we would like to explain to you how they work in the next paragraph.


  • How do these spinners actually work in helping us reduce stress and anxiety? According to many research results, any physical activity such as foot tapping, chewing gum, or in this case spinning our products can increase the level of neurotransmitters in the brain. Why does that matter? Because these neurotransmitters are in control of focus and attention. While all neurotransmitters are important, four of the main neurotransmitter in our brain include:


o   Serotonin: “The happiness Molecule”

o   Dopamine: “The Motivation Molecule”

o   Acetylcholine: “The Molecule of Learning and Memory”

o   GABA: A relaxing neurotransmitter that has been dubbed “Nature’s Valium”


  • As these neurotransmitters are increased in the brain, we see an impact in our mood. These impacts include: blocking out distractions, fighting boredom, as well as helping us increase our overall productivity.


  • Fidget spinners might have started out as a hobby to help alleviate these symptoms. However, it has now grown into a full-time quest to collect the best fidget spinners the world has to offer. We take our time to inspect the spinners before shipping them out to ensure that you truly are collecting the crème de la crème of fidget spinners.


  • Why us? Simply because our prices are affordable, while our products are elegant and durable. You may ask why are prices are so cheap compared to other sites on the internet and the answer is simple: we have successfully cut out the middlemen and ship directly from our warehouse to you.



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